• Society for Animal Welfare and Management (SAWM) Nepal.
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A. Dog Show
1. In 1999 October: Dog show was arranged at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal in collaboration with Kennel Club of Nepal and sponsored by House of Rajkarnikar( A fairrganizing organization in Nepal) The number of participant dogs was 85 
2. 2000 October: Second Dog Show was organized at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal in collaboration with previous kennel club and sponsor. The number of dog was 90.
B. Publication of Awareness Materials
2001 February: Publication of awareness materials like pet care booklet, pamphlets, fliers, and brochure

C. Establishment of Own Veterinary Clinic
2004 February: Establishment of own Veterinary Service Centre.
D. Free Anti-rabies vaccinations
• 2005 March: 1200 dogs were given anti-rabies vaccine free of cost in 6 different camps of Kathmandu. ARV was provided by National Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre (NZFHRC).
• 2007 May: 3000 community dogs were vaccinated against rabies virus in Jaleswor Municipality and its territorial village development committee of Dhanusha district of Nepal under financial support of Epidemiology and Disease Control Section of Nepal Government.
E. Disaster relief 1
2007 September: Flood disaster relief program was completed in Holiya village development committee of Banke district of Nepal under financial support of RSPCA and Humane Society International. The number of beneficiary animals was 4050. Animals like cows, buffaloes, goats and pig were treated, medicated and provided with nutrients plus fodder. Minor cases of surgery also performed on the spot.
SAWM team across Rapti River with relief materials in Holiya, Vet check-ups
F. Survey
2008 April: Comprehensive Survey on General Status of Working Animals of Nepalgunj (CSGSWAN) was completed and the final report was submitted to RSPCA for consideration. Veterinary doctor from SAWM NEPAL provided medical and surgical services to the needy animals during survey.
Interview with donkey owners Donkeys of Nepalgunj
G. Demonstrations
2008 June: Demonstration in front of Australian Embassy in Nepal against Long Distance Transportation of Live Animals from Australia to the Middle East and other countries  to support Handle With Care (HWC) program. Australian Ambassador, Graeme Lade, responded to the demo and assured us to forward our demands to the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, of his country, Australia. Graeme Lade assured us his government was ready to invest more money to ascertain cruelty free transportation of animals from Australia and a strict monitor in the country of destination.
H. World animal day celebration
2008 October: Celebration of World Animal Day (4th October) distributing awareness materials like flairs, pamphlets with demonstration in the heart of Kathmandu city. 200 booklets on pet care and 5,000 leaflets (fliers) on how to be compassionate towards animals, were distributed.
I. Disaster relief 2
2008 September: Flood disaster relief for the victims of Koshi River flood in Sunsari district of eastern Nepal(FDRKBASD) was completed providing veterinary care and nutritional feed to 2363 farm animals.
J. Seminars & conferences  
2010 January: Participation in "Asia for Animals Conference 2010" for 7 days and "Disaster Management Workshop" for 3 days in Singapore. Similarly SAWM took part in  "Dog Population Management" seminar held in Godavary, Kathmandu, Nepal (2012).
K. Disaster relief 3
1010 October: Flood disaster relief program conducted in Kanchanpur District of Nepal. Number of beneficiaries animals= 1604.
L. Disaster assessment on the LEGS based approach
• 2011 Sept-Oct: Flood disaster assessment in Saptari district of Eastern Nepal on LEGS approach. SAWM team was trained during assessment on how to assess on the LEGS basis.
• 2012 August: Flood disaster assessment in Dang district of Western Nepal on LEGS basis
M. Clinical activities
General treatment, surgery, medication, vaccination and awareness against cruelty to animals were some of the activities performed from the clinic of SAWM Nepal. More than 4000 animals were provided veterinary service through the clinic till 2012.
N. Interaction with DLSO( video only)

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